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How It Works


WiFi grows your business



Quick and Easy Signup

Review all packages available and select the one that is most suitable for your business. Simple monthly plans with no contracts.


Plug it In and Turn it On

Plug your MPC hardware into your broadband supply and thats it. Intelligent WiFi in your business setup in minutes


Get More From Your WiFi

Start getting to know your customers. Your MyPlace Connect Portal gives you all you need to start growing your business.

Start improving your customer’s experience right now

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Attract More Customers

Existing and potential customers want free, safe and secure WiFi that is easy to use. Make them feel welcome with a personalised free WiFi service


Increase Customer Loyalty

Start getting to know your customers by checking their loyalty score. Use their email to keep them up to date with all your promotions and reward your best customers to keep them coming back for more.


Better Online Reviews

Free WiFi will guarantee you a better rating online but you can also use your MyPlace Connect WiFi to generate positive online reviews to really make a difference to your business.







Go Smart, easy & secure

with our WiFi Technology

WiFi is about more than just getting connected to the internet. It is an engagement with a consumer on their personal device in your place of business. With Smart WiFi technology you can turn the opportunity into a real engagement to make a positive difference to your business.

Smart WiFi Technology

Peak Time optimiser

Manage customer flow during busy times – allot shorter WiFi access during peak trading times to improve your seating efficiency.

Automatic channel selection

Automatic frequency scanning for low interference wireless broadcasting.

Location branded public WiFi names

WiFi signals include your business name for easy recognition and connection.

WiFi opening and closing times

WiFi starts when your business opens and finishes when your business closes.

Email alerts & Monitoring

If there is a problem with your WiFi service we will let you know within minutes via automated alerts.

Scalable hardware

Our modular hardware can provide for the smallest cafe or the largest retail center. Just scale up as required.


Safe & Secure WiFi Technology

Multiple SSIDs & Firewall

Private and secure WiFi signal for your own wireless networking needs in addition to the guest WiFi signal. Firewalls integrated into wireless networks to keep your business network secure

Age screening gateway

Initial registration identifies underage users and they are subsequently protected from any unsuitable content or advertising that may be displayed

Country specific content filtering

Our content filtering service applies restrictions based on regional and country specific settings giving you protection against malicious or illegal attempted use.

EU directive compliant

Compliant with EU Directive 2006/24/EC so ensure that you are fulfilling all of the obligations required from public wireless network operators

Easy WiFi Technology

Plug & Play hardware

Plug it in, turn it on and get started. Your hardware will arrive pre-programmed and all you have to do is log into your online portal and start seeing the benefits of smart WiFi

Automatic configuration

Business details supplied on order are automatically configured to your access point so when you use your WiFi for the first time you will see your business name

Phone and web support

We are here for you if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems. Just call us, email us or chat on our website and we will be there for you.

Create Marketing opportunities with WiFi



Social WiFi Marketing

Social Sharing Page
Social sharing

WiFi users can check in/share/tweet on your venues WiFi access portal. We make it easy for them to share so they do your marketing for you.Social wifi marketing

Promote with WiFi Marketing

Customer Email data/Email Marketing/Loyalty

Email marketing is the most efficient promotional tool we have available in todays world of communication. We fill your database with new, existing and lapsed customer email data without you having to do any additional work. All you need to do is reach out to them and they will come and spend their cash in your business.

WiFi Promotion through window stickers and posters

Make sure that everyone passing by your business knows you have free WiFi for them by placing premium free WiFi stickers in your windows and doors. Take every opportunity to get more people spending money in your business.

Hotspot Listing

Become part of the MyPlace Connect network and make your venues known to over 500k members worldwide. Get more tourists and travellers as they look for free WiFi when they are in your area.

Influence with WiFi Marketing

WiFi sponsorship & Redirect URL




Display promotions or special offers to your customers when they join your WIFi network.

Negotiate free stock from your suppliers by placing their brand on your WiFi real estate.

Collect Feedback with WiFi Marketing

Customer Surveys


Redirect users to a simple survey page to get some real time and relevant feedback on your business. Customers satisfaction is important in every business and now you can measure and test repeatedly so you can give your customers what they want.

Retain more customers with WiFi Loyalty


Get to Know your most loyal customers with WiFi

Advanced web portal so you can see who is using your WiFi


Full access to web portal where you can see real time stats including usage numbers, customers data and much more

Be personal with WiFi

personal-welcome-pagePersonalised welcome page

Give your WIFi experience a personal touch and make your customers happy by welcoming them by name each time they visit.


Gain popularity through WiFi

Social Sharing and redirection to increase twitter/facebook followers

Increase your social following by encouraging sharing and bringing users to your Facebook and Twitter pages for more info about your business

Give rewards to your customers


With loyalty data and email addresses for your customers you have everything you need to start sending tailored loyalty promotions. Whether its 10% off your next visit for loyal users or free coffee for first time users you have the platform to start rewarding loyalty and secure your future business.

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